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Jul 14, Author: Low molecular weight heparin LMWH or fondaparinux is considered the treatment of choice for SVT, although the appropriate length of treatment is unclear.

Forty-five days of treatment is recommended by the American College of Chest Physicians. LMWH limits neutrophil extravasation. High doses of unfractionated heparin are shown to be more effective in preventing thromboembolic combinations than prophylactic doses.

Alternatively, superficial relapsing superficial venous thrombophlebitis may be treated with subcutaneously placed fondaparinux or oral rivaroxaban. Patients with extensive involvement of leg varices should receive anticoagulants. This treatment is particularly important if als saugte Thrombophlebitis proximal part of the SFJ is involved. The role of oral or topical NSAIDs and compression therapy is unclear, as data are insufficient to draw meaningful conclusions.

In addition to adequate graduated compression, drainage of the thrombi after their liquefaction approximately 2 wk after als saugte Thrombophlebitis of the lesion hastens the otherwise slow, painful resorption process.

Other treatment modalities have been tried but lack conclusive results from large als saugte Thrombophlebitis trials. Pycnogenol an oral antithrombotic agent has been found to decrease the number of als saugte Thrombophlebitis events during long-haul flights. Emergency surgical more info may be effective als saugte Thrombophlebitis preventing complications of SVT.

Under the appropriate circumstances, incision and drainage of the clot should be attempted to alleviate pain. If the thrombosis extends into the deep venous system, ligation and stripping of the affected vein should be considered.

SVT can usually be treated conservatively, als saugte Thrombophlebitis described above, unless extension into the deep venous system is imminent. The routine use of graduated support stockings class I or IIespecially when the patient is confined on an airplane or als saugte Thrombophlebitis, is extremely important.

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