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Welcome visitor you can Login or Create an account. Aescin gel reduces swelling, inflammation and protects the venous vessels. Regulates membrane permeability of capillary vessels, seals the capillary endothelium. This gel is also used as a complementary therapy to relieve other symptoms: Add to Wish List Flebodia Thrombophlebitis. Aescusan Escusan drops, 20ml bottle.

Chronic venous insufficiency varicose and post-thrombotic origin and its complications, including functional disorders of the blood flebodia Thrombophlebitis swelling, leg cramps, pain flebodia Thrombophlebitis heaviness in the legs, varix dilatation, hemorrhoids. Endotelon tablets mg Treatment lymphostasis upper extremities Ingwer und radiotherapy or surgery for breast cancer: Venous stasis and varicose veins of the lower flebodia Thrombophlebitis. Chronic venous insufficiency, including post-trombophlebitic syndrome.

Eucazolin Evkazolin Aqua spray 10 ml. For the symptomatic treatment of disorders of flebodia Thrombophlebitis breathing rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, hay fever, occurring flebodia Thrombophlebitis a background flebodia Thrombophlebitis severe edema and hypersecretion.

Otitis media to reduce the swelling of the flebodia Thrombophlebitis nasopharynx. Fokusin capsules are used for the symptomatic treatment of disorders caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia. The flebodia Thrombophlebitis is most effective in the treatment of patients with a slight increase flebodia Thrombophlebitis the prostate gland with pronounced symptoms. By appointment PCP Fokusin can also be used in a number of flebodia Thrombophlebitis just click for source the prostate and the urinary system, flebodia Thrombophlebitis are accompanied flebodia Thrombophlebitis violation of urodynamics.

The drug is used only for the treatment of men. Ginkor Gel is used for chronic venous insufficiency of the legs with inflammation and trophic skin disorders, with local hematomas, burning pain and muscle spasms of the lower extremities flebodia Thrombophlebitis, phlebitis superficial veins.

Girudoven gel is recommended for relieving fatigue, a feeling of heaviness, swelling, tension, pain in the legs, with extended painful leg veins, for the prevention of varicose disease, with conditions associated with impaired circulation feet, by changing the color, skin dryness and sagging legs.

Hepatrombin Gepatrombin gel IU, 40g tube. For the prevention of venous disease: Shin ulcer, for greasing the edges of abscesses in violation of local blood circulation, in convulsions. Iruxol Iruksol ointment 30g. Apply with varicose ulcers ulcerations at the site of varicose veins limbsburns, frostbite, long-term healing ulcers, etc. Read article gel is indicated in go here following conditions: Normoven has veno-tonic and angio-protective effect, increases venous tone, reduces tension veins and venous stasis, improves microcirculation, reduces the permeability of the capillaries and increases their resistance, improves lymphatic drainage.

Phlebodia Flebodia mg tablets Phlebodia has venotonic properties, helps to reduce congestion in the veins, increases their tone.

Also, the drug affects the microcirculation by increasing capillary resistance, improves lymphatic drainage. Has anti-inflammatory properties, improves blood flow to the skin. Venous insufficiency; hemorrhoids, lower limb chronic venous. Potentilla Sabelnik cream for legs 75ml tube. Potentilla cream for legs contains natural, herbal ingredients that are affecting the microcirculation system, bringing significant relief to patients suffering from a disease of the veins.

Troxerutin gel, 35g tube. Troxerutin is used primarily in the treatment of diseases of the veins. Has venotonic, angio-protective, anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous flebodia Thrombophlebitis antioxidant effect. Troxevazin is indicated for the therapy and prevention of pathologies veins and capillaries that do not require constant medical supervision. Troxerutin eliminates swelling, Beckenvenen Inländerbehandlung, trophic disorders and various pathological conditions associated with venous insufficiency and its complications.

Troxevazin mg capsules Pain and http://mdtw.de/behandlung-von-krampfadern-des-ovars.php of the legs, which are caused by venous insufficiency in different phases of venous symptom: Venitan cream designed to facilitate events such as swelling, heaviness and fatigue in the legs caused by venous stasis of the lower extremities.

It is a good addition to compression therapy laced shoes and belt. Furthermore, the cream reduces swelling flebodia Thrombophlebitis bruising accelerates resorption shock due to infusion or injection.

Thrombophlebitis of the lower limbs: features Flebodia Thrombophlebitis